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I have been hooked on motor bikes since the age of  8 years old when he rode a Honda Z50 in a roped enclosure at my sisters school fate.

I get frustrated with a system that lets a motorist get off lighter for the death of a biker in the city, than a biker doing 40K over on a straight road in the country and where all bikers are 'tagged' as being a bad element.

My Moto: “If it got two wheels & a motor, y gunna have fun on it!”

Been saying it for years to young & old.

Weather it’s a 5 year old telling me about his first wheelie with excitement, or a 75 year old on a veteran motorcycle still getting out there, I feel close & connected to all bikers & their experiences.

All bikes will make me smile for some reason & appreciate two wheels and a motor.

“Give the nod to all bikers!” I don’t like biker snobbery for any reason.

All bikers are equal, regardless how old, what bike, what riding skills, how ugly or pretty, bloke or chick, leathers, or T-shirt & jeans, open face or full face, never forget we are a minority, with the passion for riding two wheels, & have gotta stick together in this world, were we are misunderstood by the majority.

I met Kim in Jan 06 (a Web Site Builder, & Computer Programmer), and introduced her to the world of motorcycles.

While riding pillion, Kim was amazed by ......... and we decided to try to encourage all road uses to practice safer road sharing.

Kim now has her own bike licence .........

Last word: Keep it upright, keep away from tintops, ride safe & always within your capabilities & conditions.

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