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Biker Aware ~ Ride - A - Pushbike ~ Hints & Tips


Cycling Safety Tips - by Ray Belbin (Level 1 Cycling Coach)

  • Always use lights when riding in the dark. ALWAYS!
  • BE PROACTIVE! Look behind regularly, try and anticipate traffic flow.
  • This is SUNNY Australia! Skin cancer really does happen! So do as much as practible to protect your skin...
  • DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Cycling is a more active exercise than walking. As a minimum, ensure you have a drink at least every 15 mins. On a hot day could be 1 litre per hour. On a cold day you must still drink regularly.
  • Use a long-sleeve shirt if out in the sun for long periods
  • Use some sunscreen on other exposed parts of the body, such as legs, nose, back of neck
  • Use gloves
  • Keep to the left at all times - don't be lazy and meander out onto the road. CONCENTRATE!
  • Always stretch legs after ride segments - save your back
  • Reduce fatigue, take regular short breaks
  • Check pedal cleats regularly for looseness or wear.

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